A Guide To Spending Time With An Ex You’ve Still Got Feelings For

Posted On : January 25, 2024

Is actually spending time with an ex you have still got emotions for a good option, or is it some thing you should


do? If you’re asking yourself this concern nowadays, then don’t feel terrible. Most dudes read this huge “what if” stage after breaking up employing gf. And it’s really all-natural:

  1. They separation along with her

  2. They fulfill various other women (or they don’t really)

  3. They realize their own ex wasn’t so bad most likely

  4. They wonder should they need to have back together with her

Now, you may be worried that you made the greatest mistake you will ever have by losing your own ex-girlfriend. It is that actually possible? This article will answer all your valuable concerns plus.

Why don’t we focus on the pros and drawbacks of remaining in touch together with your ex-girlfriend…

Pluses and minuses: Hanging Out with an Ex you’ve still got Feelings For

Depending on the way you look at it, you can find negative and positive aspects of hanging out with an ex-girlfriend, specifically if you still have feelings on her behalf. Remember that doing 50per cent of lovers that split in the course of time reconcile. So spending time with him/her may be the easiest way to make up-and start anew. Although it does feature some downsides.

Below are a few of the biggest pluses and minuses:

PRO: It’s easy intercourse

Let’s face it. Among the downsides of the post-breakup stage is the serious lack of suche frauen für sex. Needless to say, you can test and satisfy various other women and get your fun by doing this, but one of three circumstances will take place;

  1. Either you strike the internet dating world again and effectively get with many different women…

  2. …Or you take to satisfying brand new women, you’re not so effective at carrying out so…

  3. …Or you


    just go and satisfy ladies, ending up lonely and annoyed in your apartment.

If you do not’re quite competent and emotionally ready your longevity of a bachelor once more, you may end up with circumstance number 2 or # 3.

At the same time, the ex-girlfriend may still have feelings for you personally as well, and she might miss the gender equally as much as you. And it’s really easier to connect and

sleep together with your ex

rather than try your own chance with brand new females.

CON: your ex partner will conflate sex with love

Nevertheless, here’s what many guys don’t understand:

Females believe sex equals really love.

Or perhaps, they want an

psychological connection before making love


Guys demonstrably carry outn’t—to most of us, gender and really love are different things, and it is simple for all of us to visualize a friends-with-benefits relationship with the ex-girlfriends.

But for ladies, it is extremely different. Women feel that intercourse and really love tend to be inseparable. While you liked the girl as soon as, left her, after which returned to fall asleep with her,

she’ll think you still love the woman


Therefore, you can imagine the heartbreak and torture she’ll feel when she finds out you do not all things considered.

Fair warning. You could get effortless intercourse, it defintely won’t be simple for their. Not for quite some time.

PRO: might remain her preferred

Absolutely a pride boost that accompanies gonna your partner, setting up together with her, and then recognizing she skipped you awfully. She could even confess that you are the most effective sweetheart she actually is had.

Of course you attach together immediately after the break up, she don’t have the opportunity to fulfill various other men. Just in case you really have a great time, it really is most likely you will be the woman preferred each morning.

CON: She don’t get over it until such time you allow her to go

Discover a huge downside should you just want to be friends-with-benefits along with your ex:

It’s 99percent impossible.

Once again, ladies believe sex is really love, even though you’re still resting together with her, she won’t be able to find during the break up and move forward together with her life.

When you consider it, its a ruthlessly harsh course of action. On this site, we try to create powerful, resistant,


guys using information we give. And I strongly suggest you


rob your own ex-girlfriend associated with the independence for over you.

PRO: you are going to provide yourselves one minute chance

At the same time, should you want to get your ex-girlfriend back, then it’s smart to get together along with her once more. Chances are high she nevertheless likes you, especially if it absolutely was you whom out of cash it well.

Whenever you get back to this lady, you

provide the connection one minute opportunity

. Hooray, right?

Spoiler warning, though. Within days or several months, might soon recall

exactly why

you left the lady to begin with. Therefore will dsicover your self captured , wanting out once again but unsure simple tips to do it.

CON: You’re deciding

Here is the past downside: When you get right back together with your ex,

it indicates you are



After all, consider it. You broke up with the girl for reasons, and today you’re coming back again.

Do you improve your brain? Did you generate an error? Did you realize getting a newer, much better girl is actually away from skills, and today you wish to accept what you could get?

Today, there’s no pity in determining:

“Yes, I’m sick and tired of playing the relationship online game, and my ex-girlfriend and I also were decent total. Today, i am ready to devote with the rest of living to creating the commitment work.”

In the event that’s your feelings, next more power to you. Ideally, you will discover the methods you’ll want to

carry out acts right these times


Very, in general: is actually spending time with an ex you have still got feelings for an appropriate thing to do? That is dependent upon you.

Check out the benefits and drawbacks to discover if


upsides exceed


downsides—or others means around.

How exactly to Pose A Question To Your Ex to Hang Away

Today, let’s respond to an often asked concern about ex-girlfriends: What’s the most effective way to ask the girl to hang away?

Should you decide questioned me, the easiest way is but one which is gentlemanly, doesn’t mistake or irritate their, and includes only positivity to her existence.

Nothing of the is not hard to-do, particularly when you are fresh off a breakup. So here are my personal suggestions to succeed easier for the the two of you:

Idea #1: take notice of the no contact guideline

First, it’s wise to look at

the No Get In Touch With Guideline

: 3-4 months of no messages, phone calls and social media marketing pokes with your ex-girlfriend. The theory is give this lady the opportunity to proceed together life—or to overlook you, since instance might be.

The goal is to wipe the record tidy and start over with your ex-girlfriend. That is what the No Contact Rule does. After 3-4 months, if she doesn’t contact you first, send their a lively text asking this lady to meet. Tell this lady you intend to check into this lady and meet up with each other.

Tip #2: Be friendly

Throughout the time, end up being
friendly together
. Address their as if you had been outdated buddies, spending time speaing frankly about fun and stupid situations. Perform fun material collectively and then make it unforgettable.

The capture? Whatever you perform, do not explore your own previous union, love, or getting back together. Just give attention to having an enjoyable time. Your goal is always to

generate the lady view you as a friend

—someone she loves, trusts, and will unwind around.

Suggestion number 3: expect the woman to take in the connection

If anyone should bring up your previous relationship, it should be her. When she does, its a sign she’s holding-out hope that you’re going to get together again somehow.

And from that point, the ball’s inside courtroom. If you reconcile and present the connection another shot? Or in the event you stay pals and give both some much-needed closure?

Chances are, you understand the professionals and cons of both selections. Perhaps the positives outweigh the disadvantages can be you.

Nevertheless, I would ike to wrap-up with my personal deal with the “hanging out with an ex you’ve still got thoughts for” issue…

In Case You Hold Spending Time With Your Ex Partner?

Should you decide asked myself, I would tell you “no.” The disadvantages certainly surpass the professionals. Sure, you’ll receive simple sex and she’s going to likely keep in mind you as “top she ever had.”

Unfortuitously, which comes on price of her future. She

defintely won’t be able to move on

because she’s


on her brain. In order to me, that is a cruel action to take.

It really is worse yet in the event that you lead the lady on, making the lady believe you continue to love the girl whenever all you could want is simple sex. That’s only vile. You can fare better, and she seriously deserves better.

For this reason I always advise moving forward, fulfilling new people, and getting into brand-new relationships—both you


the ex-girlfriend. You will be surprised at just how all discomfort, frustration, damage feelings, and “what if” concerns

all disappear immediately

when you are getting into an innovative new connection

with a new individual.

My guidance? Don’t be selfish. Cannot scar the lady mentally for the remainder of the woman existence.

Alternatively, carry out the gentlemanly action to take. Allow her to go and help each other move on if necessary.

All things considered, every day life is brief, and it’s far better move ahead from heartache as fast as you’ll. Like that,

you will recuperate

, get into a far better commitment, and gain the ability to look back about last and smile.

Those tend to be my personal humble two cents, and I do wish you see it my personal means. Best of luck!