Hope Again Personal Stories of loss from young people

Posted On : June 7, 2021

About 4 months ago I broke down in front of my friends and they made me realize that it’s okay to feel this way. I always thought I’m doing fine but talking to my friends made me realize that I’m not fine and I need to talk about by feelings. I don’t how I’ll feel in the future but for now even though its going to be 2 years in January I still feel the pain just as it happened right now. I’ve lost my dad a month from tomorrow to end stage heart failure and I can still remember the last few conversations we’ve had.

  • The cause of the accident is unknown.
  • I am currently doing a placement in the UK, my mother and boyfriend live in Canada, and my father was visiting Poland when he suddenly died.
  • They bought us an air ticket and arranged for our visas so we could leave for umrah immediately because I wanted to weep for my daughter at the House of Allah.

I spent literally every moment of my remaining three weeks in the intensive Care Unit crying and although I managed to complete it I feel exhausted and completely empty. My Dad passed away from Covid, 2 months ago after 5 days of hospitalisation. I’m 11 and I lost my dad 2 weeks ago I now what you are going throug. I hope that you’re hanging in there. I know this must be incredibly tough, but you’re not alone. There are surely people in your life to lean on.

Life after your child’s death

I learned the hard truth that purpose is sometimes born out of adversity. The Super Working Mum Academy community, and the women I coach and mentor, were also very supportive. A few people took over running the community and rallied around me during those trying times. This was my first major loss so it really hit me hard and I didn’t cope very well. I struggled with anger, disappointment, sadness and severe anxiety.

  • Intense pain washes over us and sends us spinning out of control as we try to make sense of what has happened.
  • My Dad died 30 years ago when I was 17.
  • I really feel this I lost my dad when I was 9 and now I’m just a few months shy of turning 14 and it’s hard I’m reminded of him a lot and it hurts but it gets better.
  • However, he was so young in spirit and physically capable of moving around.
  • All these questions are left unanswered.

It has been almost a year since I lost my dad. I can surely empathize with you. I will never be the person I use to be. The most difficult part is other members of my family just don’t seem to get it, but that’s ok. I am what I am, no more, no less.

I felt i could not go to your funeral as it would be too hard but i still went. I was not sure how to deal with it. We miss you and i hope you are happy where ever you are. I lost my father in June 2021 the worst year of my life, when I was 13 and my father 44.

In many ways, she continues to be a part of our everyday lives – Our experiences with her and memories of her are still with us. We include her when someone asks us how many children we have because it is the truth and our struggle to live without our child is a lifelong, daily one. Even if you feel there is nothing you can do, be there. Even if you feel inadequate, useless and don’t have any words, be there.

Children’s understanding of death at different ages

I walk around crying, or walk around hollow. There is no in between right now. And I can tell you, as a mom of teenagers, that there’s NOTHING they could ever do that would disappoint me the way you think you’ve disappointed your dad. I KNOW that he’s watching you from heaven and loves you more than anything in this world.

losing my son

It’s so comforting to see that I’m not alone in this. My dad passed August 1 and I’m still trying to understand all the emotions I’m feeling. I’m a high school senior and it’s tough knowing that he won’t get to see me graduate, even though for all my life he’s been a champion in encouraging me to study hard and make him proud. Even on a normal school night like this, I’m trying to do my homework but a wave of sadness just hit me out of nowhere and I started crying. I miss him so much and I’d give anything just to talk to him again.

Our girl left school at 11 – Tyson wanted her to stay but it’s the traveller way

You may feel numb, empty, enraged, anxious or exhausted. You may feel guilty, feeling that you were responsible for their safety and that you should have been able to prevent what happened. Some parents also feel guilty because they have survived their child. After 10 years, thinking I am doing OK, coping well, living eco sober house review a reasonable life – I have to live with that thought. That after 23 years of loving you, raising you, supporting you – the day you ended your life was the most satisfying day of your life. That sentence is like a knife right through my heart and out of everything has been one of the hardest things to process.

Living in this covid world means that every little thing is a trigger, I’m lost in grief and can’t find my way out. On the 2nd of October 2021, I lost my grandma. It was at the end of freshers week, just when I was about to start going to lectures and start my journey at uni.

  • I have recently just lost my mother as well.
  • Hearing her cry for my father is a different heartache altogether.
  • Tom died in his sleep in October this year of an undiagnosed heart-related condition.
  • All I thought about was how much of a stubborn pain I was.

Due to this, some may find parts of the stories upsetting, this could be due to the similarity to your own story or because grief can be a sad topic to read/talk about. Be sure to look after yourself if this happens and reach out to those closest to you. We want this space to be a safe one and also one which young people feel is a real platform for their grief journey. Each young person who submits their personal story to us, is offered grief support and advice afterwards.

Sonia Sankoli’s Post

And you can cry, you are not weak if you do. I have cried so many times during this rough patch, I am not even embarrassed about it when I do cry anymore. One day, it will all be over and you won’t be suffering anymore. You will be able to live your life, and be happy. Just keep going, going, going… I am so sorry for all of your losses.

Whilst birthdays have always compounded my sense of loss, being hopeful has enabled me to enshrine a positive mental attitude that will see me through to the future. My advice to anyone facing the loss of a loved one is to train yourself to think positively. Celebrate their life and make sure you do them proud. Jemma’s advice for young people going through grief is to talk about the person you’ve lost as much as you can, keep them alive through your words and memories. Grief isn’t constant, it comes in waves and it’s really important to remember that it will pass. Sure, another wave might come, but that too will pass.

losing my son

My feelings for him are changing. I feel like I am not being allowed to grieve because I have to take care of my family. My daddy died a couple https://rehabliving.net/ months ago. I was very close to my mom who was a nurse before she was a mom, chaired an indigent hospital and sewed quilts for the homeless.

My daddy died 2 days ago, it was sudden and very unexpected. Thank you all for reminding me that I am not alone in this. I lost my beloved father yesterday. I really hope the pain and all this immense sadness eases. A little over an hour ago, I received the phone call that my father had suddenly passed. This post was comforting in this nightmare of an experience.

It’s hard, I have to take baby steps, everything has changed. I take it five minutes at a time and cut myself and everyone else a lot of slack. We are all on the same road, just different stations. 3/6) Childhood memories do fade overtime but I try to remember the best pieces.

Nothing truly prepares you for losing the person you thought you’d spend your life with. And so I’d needed those first six months desperately, to debrief, decompress, pull myself together. I’m 18 years old and today 6 weeks ago I lost my dad and I have no idea how to cope I miss him so much and am still in disbelieve, it feels so unreal.