InvestorQ : Which are the best stock market Movies Documentaries to watch?

Posted On : March 15, 2021

best finance documentaries
best finance documentaries

This financial guru is well known to anyone who wants to make a start as a trader. Prepare to be taken on a journey by way of this six-half collection that covers every little thing from the well-known Medici banking system to the 19th century Rothschilds. Life and Debt is a documentary movie that highlights how indebtedness makes a bad situation worse for small nations. Watch 25 Million Pounds to learn the true story of Nick Leeson, a British dealer who started his profession as a Morgan Stanley clerk and ended up as a law-breaking rogue dealer who brought down Barings, an previous British bank. This bank held cash for the excessive-powered elite, including the Queen herself.

best finance documentaries

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Ben Bernanke, as they try to contain the problems during the 2008 crisis. Veteran filmmaker Curtis Hanson directed Too Big to Fail, based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Andrew Ross Sorkin. The whole world suffered from the Great Recession that followed the stock market crash of 2008.

The main character is found guilty of securities fraud and money laundering. The movie depicts the rise and fall of a stockbroker and involves crime, corruption, and the federal government. Whether you are a professional investor or a trader, a beginner in the field of finance or a student of the subject, gathering knowledge has to be the primary objective. One of the fun ways to gain understanding regarding the subject of money is to watch related movies or documentaries. These movies express deep insights about the working mechanism and psychology of market, how excessive risks leads to the eventual collapse, how the markets are manipulated and average investors are enticed into a scam. Set in the early stages of the 2008 global financial crisis, the movie plays like a fast-paced thriller.

Please read the Risk Disclosure documents carefully before investing in Equity Shares, Derivatives, Mutual fund, and/or other instruments traded on the Stock Exchanges. As investments are subject to market risks and price fluctuation risk, there is no assurance or guarantee that the investment objectives shall be achieved. Past performance of securities/instruments is not indicative of their future performance.

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns offers a forensic and gruelling account of the Vietnam War. From award-winning documentarian Alison Klayman comes an insightful take a look at the rising efficiency-enhancing drug disaster within the U.S. right now. This movie explores how prolific stimulant drugs, like Adderall and Ritalin, have turn out to be. It’s a deep dive into the fall of Enron, the energy company that was at one point valued at $70 billion but filed for bankruptcy in 2001. Although it’s nearly a decade old, there are still valuable takeaways for today’s consumers, such as the risks involved with carrying too much debt and the danger of paying only the minimum amount on your credit card.

They provide a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of the 2008 recession period. There were several causes of the 2008 financial crisis, and it didn’t happen overnight. Unverified loans by banks, corruption in credit rating agencies, and excessive risk-taking by US banks and insurers all led to an inevitable crash that shook the whole world.

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For current finance professionals seeking to improve their expertise, or for aspiring finance professionals trying to break into the trade, finance documentaries are a great way to achieve perception and information. No Finance movie list can be full without the unique basic “Wall Street”. Investing guru Lex Van Dam provides $1 Million dollars of his own money and challenges a group of beginners to handle a hedge fund during one of the worst market conditions in current history. It’s an extremely advanced story, but within the palms of Burns and collaborator Lynn Novick it turns into knowable.

  • This movie clearly describes the effects of greed and fear and the limits of mathematical modeling in the context of stockbroking.
  • It is a necessary study for those who want to become a loan or DSA agent.
  • Here, we have listed seven best movies related to finance and stock market.
  • The movie revolves around the stock markets, how commissions are earned, and it also teaches you why research is crucial when it comes to handing over your money to any investment firm.

Here is a snippet from ten best stock market movies that every investor should watch. The scam was so big that lakhs of investors lost their life savings in it, and many of them never returned to the stock markets, despite their super returns in the long run. The scars on the psyche of Indian players were so deep, that a new market regulator SEBI was created to regulate stock markets and bring some semblance of control. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing.

The Wolf Of Wall Street (

Pump and dump schemes are devastating for the victims as it results in huge losses in their investment. Thus, Boiler room warns early investors to stick to fundamentally strong companies while investing and live by the saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. With an instantly viral opening soundtrack and critically-acclaimed performances, director Hansal Mehta’s adaptation of Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu’s novel on Harshad Mehta is a must-watch. The show follows the rise and fall of the infamous stockbroker and the massive financial scam he managed to pull off in the early ’90s. The web series, which quickly became one of the highest-rated Indian series on IMDb, gives a fascinating insight into the economic landscape of the country during the time of liberalisation. Let us know what you think of this list of stock market films that you absolutely must watch and let us know how you rate Bollywood films and series about the stock market in the comments below.

Agreed, this is not a movie but a web series, but how could we not discuss the Big Bull of Indian markets who caused the whole system to float in a bubble, then crash, and in its wake caused it to revamp. Directed by Hansal Mehta and Jai Mehta, this web series is based on the rise and fall of Harshad Mehta. There is one common thing among all these stock market documentaries, and that is you would get lot of inspiration and learning from each of these. Few of them can help you to discover the emotional side of trading and how to control it, while few revolves around the high level financial ecosystem of the world. Wall Street 1987, The Wolf of Wall Street, Margin Call, and The Big Short, just to name a few, are some of the best movies you can watch to learn about finance.

There’s no escaping its vast power and utility for the human enterprise. Stories, great tales, and songs have all been written concerning the all-mighty greenback. This movie explains how the financial system is on the edge and is critical of Wall Street and the governments that are supposed to regulate it.

Is relevant even today as people grapple with a lack of financial discipline. It is a necessary study for those who want to become a loan or DSA agent. Documentaries are often investigative and shed light on the uncomfortable truths of the economy. However, documentaries on finance are crucial for people who want a career in finance. Based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s non-fictional book, the movie follows everything that was done before and after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, a key factor in the 2008 global financial collapse.

best finance documentaries

While many of us are too busy to sit down and read finance books, there are several films and films that are meant to be entertaining and educational. Of all the above movies and web series this coup is exceptional because it’s in an animated form in addition to adding perspectives from Nobel prize-winning economists Daniel Kahneman, Robert J. Shiller, and Paul Krugman. If you are a person desiring to make a career in investment banking, without any doubt, this movie is for you. ‘The China Hustle’ is another interesting movie, which examines how the next big thing was invested in Chinese equities after the 2007 financial crisis.

Margin Call, Inside Job, and The Big Short revolve around the global financial crisis of 2008. This 2000 movie by director Ben Younger tells the story of a college dropout who gets involved in a call centre, selling speculative or questionable investments. The movie stars Giovanni Ribisi and Nia Long in leading roles, with Vin Diesel and Ben Affleck in important roles. Seth Davis, the main character played by Ribisi, is a disappointment for his father.

Million Dollar Traders

Capitalism is another documentary directed by critically acclaimed director Michael Moore. The movie attempts to challenge the status quo through numbers and hard facts about the economic status of the US and how change is imminent. The movie also takes a hard gaze at Capitalism as an economic concept and how it has failed working class families and minorities struggling to make it through.

With a net worth of over $60,000,000,000, Warren Buffett is truly a one-of-a-kind billionaire. At 86 years old, he drives to the office every morning to manage Berkshire Hathaway, the fifth largest public company in the world. Becoming Warren Buffett chronicles the evolution of a boy from Nebraska who became one of the most respected men in the world, and the heroes who helped guide him along the way.

The story revolves around an ambitious trader who seeks his role model in an unscrupulous corporate raider with no moral compass. The protagonist would go to any lengths – including insider trading or dealing in illegal insider information – to get rich quick. The global financial meltdown that took place in Fall 2008 caused millions of job and home losses and plunged the United States into a deep economic recession. Margin Call is a fascinating watch about the workings of investment firms and how they’d rather destroy their reputation than incur a loss. The film is easy to understand and will be enjoyed by those with zero knowledge of finance as well. Too Big to Fail is a television movie, but it feels like a blockbuster due to its sheer scale and A-list cast.

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This Indian crime drama, released in 2006, is loosely inspired by the stock market scam of 1992. Directed by Sameer Hanchate, the movie follows the journey of a young man into the stock market. The ambitious young man, played by Vinod Sharawat, ultimately gets caught in a web of crime and greed.

Top 5 movies on finance and the financial crisis

You don’t must be in enterprise or finance to appreciate the human story on this documentary. For example, when you give it time, it turns out to be a very helpful introduction to buying and selling on a inventory market. All a newbie wants is correct right here, and this means super value for anybody who desires to get began. While it could not offer worth to extra skilled traders, you’ll be exhausting-pressed to seek out better trading documentaries for those simply starting out.

This movie centers Seth Davis who finds a job as a stockbroker for a suburban investment firm to keep up to his father’s high standards. He is a college drop out with a serious desire to achieve success and wealth. Elizabeth Holmes was the CEO of, Theranos, a health and technology company that was also founded by her. But, the scam came best finance documentaries in the picture when she faked that her machine could run tests on small amounts of blood. Not only did her machine not work but she also scammed investors and, not to mention, patients – with inaccurate results. Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule had come together to create the most luxurious music festival the world has ever seen.

Margin Call shed some light on how if a firm is highly leveraged, a big drop in the market could cripple not just one investor, but an entire company. The reckless risk-taking by some of the largest banks in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis, such as trading complex derivative instruments they themselves barely understood is very well highlighted in the film. This documentary is filmed in Iceland, the US, England, Singapore, France, and China. It covers the events that led to the global financial collapse that cost around $20 trillion, loss of jobs, and loss of homes. This documentary was created by rigorous research and interviews with the top financial insiders, journalists, politicians, and the like.