Ways to Develop the Entrepreneurial Spirit in You

Posted On : July 28, 2021

This helps you to build your confidence over a period of time. Thus, India Inc has experience of entrepreneurial, management professionals—not common, but known to perform well. Any of the names mentioned above belongs right there, irrespective of origins as a professional or promoter. The truth is that India Inc needs many more entrepreneurial, professional CEOs. A good entrepreneur will always know this; a business is all about the customer.

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It’s this combination of versatility, resilience, and persistence that makes up the entrepreneurial mindset, and contrary to popular belief, it isn’t genetic. It’s something like any skill, that is honed, practised, and learned over time. “The factors that make upskilling Africa’s young people to be entrepreneurial so important now aren’t going away anytime soon,” she concludes. “The idea of the brilliant innovator turned billionaire makes for a good story,” she says. “But dig a bit further and you’ll see that most successful entrepreneurs were given the tools they needed to succeed from a very young age.”

An entrepreneur is a person who starts a new business and usually risks his own money to start the venture. Examples of well-known entrepreneurs include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Five of our participants work with children as mentors. Our colleagues look for impact-grain in the business, help build potential collaborations https://1investing.in/ with other members of the business platform. In her Ted Talk, author and Stanford lecturer Amy Wilkinson talks about how comfort and a place of change are diametrically opposite. In essence, what Wilkinson is implying is that entrepreneurs have to be able to take smart risks and move out of their comfort zone to grow their businesses.

The first stage in the entrepreneurial process is some change in the socio-economic environment leading to changes in the every aspect of life in the country. Inter alia, the change creates needs for new goods and services. It is the process of extending the enterprises domain of competence by exploiting new opportunities through new combinations of its available resources. The fourth process is to coordinating the varied activities to achieve the entrepreneurial goal. In fact, the skills that make up this mindset are transferable and applicable to any other career or role as well. Whether it’s a project manager or a marketing & sales executive, lessons from the entrepreneurial playbook can be applied to a number of leadership positions.

The product or service which is being created by your organization needs to cater to the needs of your consumers. Personalising a business for consumers will also boost the sales. It enables him to keep track of the developments and the constantly changing requirements of the market that he is in. May it is a new trend in the market or an advancement in technology or even a new advertiser’s entry, an entrepreneur should keep himself abreast of it. Knowledge is the guiding force when it comes leaving the competition behind. New bits and pieces of information may just prove as useful as a newly devised strategy.

But, they always have a backup for every risk they take. Structure represents the formal, official task relationships of people in entrepreneurial activities. In other words, structure is the logical culmination of authority be entrepreneurial and responsibility at different levels. In entrepreneurial activity, policies, programmes, practices and measurement make possible for innovation and growth. They create the proper attitudes and provide the proper tools.

The next step involves how to make optimum use of these resources, to weave the cloth of success.Facing a situation or a crisis with a plan is always better. It provides guidelines with minimum to no damage incurred to a business. Planning is one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur.

Timely feedbacks about the business will be experienced. We make sure that the image of the entrepreneur changes and that the impact aspect starts to be heard more often. But not from the point of view that entrepreneurship is a type of possible career. We need to expand the very notion of entrepreneurship.

Upskilling young people to be entrepreneurial in the age of technology is critical

Also, it is important to note that an entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset; an approach towards life. Conversely there are professionals who are very entrepreneurial and take long term bets. Think of Dr DV Kapur at NTPC, or V Krishnamurthy at BHEL amongst PSUs as examples. Recall Darbari Seth of Tata Chemicals or Sumant Moolgaokar at Telco.

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Consider Ajit Narayan Haksar, who as early as the 1970s, diversified ITC into hotels, paper, and agribusiness, with his eye on reducing the company’s dependence on tobacco. His successors, JN Sapru and KL Chugh, continued to develop an entrepreneurial, professional culture. Even Yogi Deveshwar began his term similarly, but, according to some, he became more promoter than professional in the later part of his term.


Entrepreneurship is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation and risk-taking, as well as the ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives. Enhance the team performance by training them in key areas. Identify the gaps in each and every team member and plan for capacity-building sessions. This will give them the strength to handle complicated issues as commitment levels go high.

be entrepreneurial

Entrepreneurship is one of our most sought-after courses as the courses in the portfolio guide the learner from the get-go and at every step of their journey. While it’s true that entrepreneurs don many hats, a crucial aspect of the job is delegation of work. It takes an immense number of skills to assemble the correct team and surround oneself with the right people. Doing everything by themselves could potentially be a route to burnout and failure. Evidently, and especially since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurship has seen infinite growth across industries and sectors. With advancements in technology, specifically communications and social media, anybody can become an entrepreneur in 2022.

I wrote down 10 commandments for myself—a practice I still follow—that listed all the reasons why I wanted to build a company of my own and why I was worthy of the same. It is what psychologists call self-affirmations and it is a powerful tool to reinforce belief in oneself. Going through the book you will realize that entrepreneurship is not magic, nor is it mysterious -and it has nothing to do with genes. All individuals have the potential to be entrepreneurial, create valuable assets, and contribute to the world in their own special way. Pick up the book if you want tips on starting or managing businesses, to explore new ideas or just to get inspiration. Because the book shows that certain kinds of people will find it much easier to found successful companies than others, it has many practical applications.

Be The Leader, Not A Boss!: 25 Secrets to be Entrepreneurial Leader 5000 Years old Secrets from Indian Mythology

A risk-taking ability is essential for an entrepreneur. Without the will to explore the unknown, one cannot discover something unique. Investing in ideas, nobody else believes in but you is a risk too. Professionalism is a quality which all good entrepreneurs must possess. An entrepreneurs mannerisms and behavior with their employees and clientele goes a long way in developing the culture of the organization.

Good entrepreneurs know they can learn from every situation and person around them. Information obtained can be used for the process of planning. He should face his losses with a positive attitude and his wins, humbly. Any good businessman will know not to frown on a defeat. Failure is a step or a way which didn’t work according to the plan. A good entrepreneur takes the experience of this setback and works even hard with the next goal in line.

For business leaders who need to interact and network with multiple stakeholders, employees, and peers, a simple habit like this can go a long way in cementing their reputation and likeability. If recent entrepreneurship trends are anything to go by, anybody can be an entrepreneur, connections notwithstanding. Knowing the right people always helps but it’s the ability to forge long-term relationships and add real value, that takes businesses to great heights. Often seen as a starting point for entrepreneurship, this is someone who is interested in the nitty-gritty of starting a business venture. Such an individual may also branch out into an entirely different career path as well over time.

  • The fund announced that a billion rubles will be allocated to support children and youth startups.
  • This, coupled with advanced manufacturing, results in an increasing need for management and technical consultants.
  • It is the executive management and the board that is in control.
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It also allows you the ability to put in those extra hours in the office which can or may make a difference. At the beginning of every entrepreneurial venture or any venture, there are hurdles but your passion ensures that you are able to overcome these roadblocks and forge ahead towards your goal. Reliability results in trust and for most ventures, trust in the entrepreneur is what keeps the people in the organization motivated and willing to put in their best.

How to Chart a Successful Career in Business Management

Many would say that the stories of entrepreneurs, as mentioned earlier, are inspirational and are good examples to learn from either in a board room or in a classroom. Here are some effective ways to enhance your entrepreneurial knowledge. Skills For Every EntrepreneurThese are some of the necessary skills an aspiring or a-would-be entrepreneur should possess in order to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Yes, if you are solving a unique problem with resources and innovation. Starting a brick-and-mortar business requires a similar skillset and passion as starting an eCommerce business. The main difference is that an eCommerce store typically requires less investment upfront. Successful entrepreneurs look for opportunities and are consistently evolving. Develop a mindset for solving problems, innovating, and adding value. So it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to find a partner to help alleviate some of the financial burdens.

They should also have practical decision-making skills. It is essential to be mentally agile and develop cost-effective, adaptable solutions. In addition, they must make logical decisions to sustain the business. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have realized the importance of using local products and resources, and small businesses have been on the rise.